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If comics are a dying medium in Western nations, why don’t Marvel and DC try to market them to Eastern audiences? Aren’t manga comics huge in Japan?

They could also greatly reduce production cost just by making the interior art black and white … not sure if that would go over well though


Lex Luthor & Joker by Lee Bermejo

Am I the only one who thinks Lex looks like Bradley Cooper here?

If I Were Writing Comics: GREEN LANTERN

In my opinion, Hal Jordan is the most interesting Green Lantern. Yes, even more interesting than Kyle Rayner. However, I think the character has remained stagnant for a bit too long in his own book, without having gone through much character development in some time.

My idea for Hal doubles back a bit on some of the creative decisions that Geoff Johns has made during his run — instead of getting over the destruction of Old Coast City, Hal still occasionally finds himself feeling pretty torn up about it. I mean, really, it’s the biggest black spot on his career and to this day causes him a lot of pain.

But, being the character he is, he doesn’t let this pain consume him; he rather internalizes his grief, turning it into will. He won’t let something like that happen ever again — he must be better, so he will be better.

This portrayal of Jordan would stray quite far from the “wisecracking asshole” characterized by Johns, instead turning him into a much more mature, taciturn, and serious character. Not that he isn’t without a sense of dry, sarcastic wit, but he’s much more level-headed. I feel this would make him much more three-dimensional character, and alleviate some of the “deadpan snarker” syndrome given to him in recent years.

Basically, this characterization of Hal Jordan would make him a mashup of Han Solo and Clint Eastwood’s Man With No Name. He’s a straight-talking, cynical bad-ass who speaks more through his heroic actions than his words.

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